Falling (and failing) in life

Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Murphy’s Law

After watching the film Mulholland Drive, I had this dream in which I moved to a new house with new roommates, I went to the toilet in the middle of the night, and a series of things happened to me like a screwball while one of my new roommates was behind the door waiting for his turn. It ended really bloody.

That dream lead to the short film “Fallen for Murphy” I did with some friends from UCLA Extension. You can watch it above.

Actress: Maria Bossi
Actor: Luiz Teixeira
Cinematographer: Marilu Godinez
Written and directed by Clara Baez Morandi

Song: Maybe this time (Cabaret). Covered by Clara Baez Morandi

And today, for me, something that could go wrong, did indeed go very wrong. No blood involved. Messing up sucks, doesn’t it? Especially in the most stupid and clumsy ways.


Nothing (A Chorus Line) versión en español: Nada

Aloha! The first time I came across the number from A Chorus Line, “Nothing” was in Musical Theatre class in Madrid with professor Juan Carlos Martín (he was nothing like Mr. Karp). I instantly fell in love with Diana Morales, her story and her sassiness. I performed this number in Spanish for our end of year Concert and enjoyed it profoundly. So I decided to film the original version for my Youtube Channel and, why not, the Spanish version in my new Youtube Channel in Spanish!

I did it both times in one take without practice. Only what I remembered from 5 years ago and the ocasional shower concerts since then. Here they are:

Aloha! La primera vez que hice el número Nada del musical A Chorus Line fue en una clase de Teatro Musical en Madrid con el profesor Juan Carlos Martín (que no se parecía nada a Mr. Karp). Me enamoré instantáneamente de Diana Morales, su historia y su personalidad. Hice este número en español en el recital de fin de curso y lo disfruté muchísimo. Así que decidí filmar la versión original en inglés en mi canal de Youtube y, por qué no, la versión en español en mi nuevo canal en español!

Ambas veces, lo filmé de una pasada sin ensayar. Sólo con lo que recordaba de cuando lo hice hace 5 años y el concierto ocasional en la ducha que me pego. Aquí están ambas versiones:

Lazy In The Closet with Fernanda

My friend Fernanda is, unlike me, a super organized and practical person so she was kind enough to help me organize my closet. In this video, I sing a slightly personalized version of Lazy Song by Bruno Mars and Fernanda and me give my closet a purpose.

We did a video for Fernanda’s Channel organizing the other side of my closet. Check it out:

Hammer Museum Shots

Visiting a contemporary art gallery or museum once in a while sets me free. Not like this but it inspires me. Here are a few shots of my visit to the Hammer Museum recently.

Visitar una galería o museo de arte contemporáneo de vez en cuando me libera. No así pero quiero decir que me inspira. Acá van algunas fotos de cuando visite el Hammer Museum hace poco.


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Ukulele Anthem – My Ukulele Story

El Himno del Ukelele. Texto en Español abajo.


One year and a half ago when I was living in Dublin, a friend gave me a ukulele. I didn’t know how to play it but I had tried his and it looked like I was going to be able to make some kind of sound that made sense without a hell lot of practice (lazy people’s mindset) and the idea of independently play music I could sing to made me very happy.

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I went to the Daniel Rolnik Gallery in Santa Monica

Daniel Rolnik Gallery

Two days after arriving to LA, Daniel Rolnik Gallery was opening in Santa Monica. I wrote about it & interviewed Daniel on the Artfetch blog. More pictures below.

Dos días después de aterrizar en LA, fue la apertura de la Daniel Rolnik Gallery. Escribí sobre ello y le hice algunas preguntas a Daniel en el blog the Artfetch. Más fotos abajo.

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